Support Center

Experience maximum value from your investment in our software and hardware with 24x7 access to our experts.

      The support we offer as standard (a prerequisite for FullCare support) helps you get maximum value from your software and hardware investment. With fast 24-hour access to our experts who can diagnose and fix your problems, we have the knowledge to increase your time, reduce your total cost of ownership and drive efficient business results. Our happy customers are proof of that.

Support Commitment

    Our goal is to provide the highest quality technical support in the industry.

    Andevos support services aim to provide better and quality service with its expert and experienced staff and the most up-to-date remote access and reporting applications.

Our Communication Channels

   You can open a ticket via the e-mail address:

   You can make a call from 0212 295 2230 phone number.

Standard Support

  Software and hardware updates.



  problem prevention planning


  First call answer time

Our Support Portfolio

Standard Support

   Reactive technical support

  Unlimited calls

  fast response

  Product updates

  Phone support with our technical experts

            FullCare Support

                        Advanced Support

  For you, our technical experts will take ownership of the problem immediately and until a solution is found. No further assignment will be assigned to the relevant expert until the problem is resolved.

   FullCare Support

        Preventive Support

   For maximum efficiency and trouble-free operation of the software and hardware systems you have purchased, our technical experts will provide preventive periodic maintenance. The systems will be monitored by providing regular maintenance, optimization and, where necessary, user training on the specified dates.

          FullCare Support

                    Premium Support

   A technical officer will be appointed for your institution and will visit your institution regularly once (once) a month. During the visit, he will note additional demands/needs and will create and follow up a business plan for immediate realization.